The Historical Development of Health Business Administration

The Department of Health Business Management was formerly known as the "Medical Management Section", which was founded in 1991 as the fourth department of the school. In 1997, the Department of Health Management was incorporated into the Faculty of Technology. In 2003 the school restructuring for the University of Science and Technology; established in 2004, the Institute of Management, the Department belongs to the School of Management; 2007 due to the past decade the development of the domestic medical business management trends, from "hospital management" extended to "medical industry management" Changed its name to "Health Business Management Department" to meet the development needs of the market and policy trends; 2011 set up "Health Business Management Institute", in 2011 began enrollment.


Current school System

Health Business Administration Department of the current school system 
has a four-year bachelor’s degree program, the annual enrollment of 2 classes, 
each grade 1 class; and has a two-year mmaster’s degree program. The total number of students are about 600.
The Features of Department of of Health Business Administration

In order to strengthen the management performance of the health care system and to cultivate the services and management talents needed by the health industry, the Health Business Administration Department has developed the following characteristics: 1. Integrate curriculum with both health, management and information skills. 2. Develop health institutions and health services management related topics and internships. 3. Establish close cooperation in health industry.

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