The History of Development of Health Business Administration

The predecessor of Department of Health Business Administration was “Department of Healthcare Management”, which was founded in 1991 as the fourth department of Hungkuang Institute of Medical and Nursing Technology.


In 1997, the school was upgraded to Hungkuang College of Technology. The Department of Healthcare Management recruited Four-Year & Two-Year College of Technology students. The School was accredited as a Hungkuang University in 2003. The Department was belong to the College of Management in 2004. During to the development trends of the domestic medical business management in the past 10 years, the Department from “Hospital Management” extended to “Medical Industry Management” and renamed “The Department of Health Business Administration” to meet the development needs of the market and policy trends. The graduate program in Health Business Administration was established and recruited in 2011.


In 2017, the academic unit was reorganized in order to meet the future development needs for the University. The department belongs to the College of Medical and Health Care.


The current academic system includes two classes per year of Four-Year day school, one class per year of Four-Year night school and 15 graduate students per year. There are about 600 students in the department.

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