1. Health information classroom

The health information classroom, located in the room of M606, has 60 seats of PC for students to study information related courses. Generally, the students study the information -related courses in this room, including “Access, EXCEL, SPSS, E-commerce, information management system and big data analysis etc.”.


2. Market research and marketing room

The market research and marketing room is located in the room of M607-1. The purpose is to train students for leaning market survey and marketing, and this classroom can provide services to academic study and business service such as telephone questionnarie, health related topic study, business marketing strategy etc. Usually this room is used by the courses of market survey, project management, statistics analysis, E-commerce, undergraduate project. The equipments includes 22 sets of PC, 1 set of web server, 1 set of voice dial system and the computerized assist telephone interviewing system (CATI).


3. Advanced statistics room

The advanced statistics room is 22.42 ping located in M607-2. It provides for teaching advanced statictics to students in the courses of acvanced statistics, undergraduate project, and self-learning, the equipments include 20 sets of PC, 1 set of printer, 1 set of boardcast system, and application softwares (that included Microsoft Windows 10, Micorsoft Project 2010, PASW statistics 18.0, Microsoft Office 2013, PASW Amos 18.0, SPSS 19.0, Photoimpact X3, SPSS regression 20.1, SAS JMP 10.0 and HML 7.0).


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